Project Videos

A collection of videos from various experiments of note

Simplified Ohm-Disruptor device. Powering light bulb and HV transformer
The Ohm-Disruptor - Part 1of3
Auto-oscillating Oudin Coil
Spark gap transmitter that makes HHO from AC
Motor / Generator combination harvesting backEMF from coil shorting
Switching ambient antenna voltage collection.
12vdc / ~4.5A HHO Fuel Cell & 5HP Tecumseh engine..
Rendering electrostatic discharge useful.. no measurable input amperage or watts.. 120vac step down to 15vac, multiplied to 120vac, and stored in a Leyden jar.. wireless induction and HV primary, in series..
Self oscillating hho combustion... interesting
Rotary driven, high inductive hho tank
Standing Electrical Flame - Cold Electricity
New improved adjustable air gap
Amplifying amps by multiplying coulombs
One wire high potential - interesting transient electrical phenomenon

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